9 Star rated

The terraces average an incredible 9 Energy Stars based on the First Rate 5 energy use rating tool. The mandatory rating for all new housing in Victoria is 6 Stars.

A 10 Star dwelling theoretically requires no imported energy to heat or cool. The energy of the sun will keep the dwelling at a comfortable temperature in winter and the building is protected from overheating in summer through correct design, orientation, insulation and shading.Unit4-9.5-star

In 2012 the designers of Bull Street Terraces, CROSBY architects, won a competition to design a 10 Star house, in association with local Castlemaine firm Lifehouse Design. The building, known as the FLIP_FLOP house was designed to be prefabricated and adaptable to changing life rhythms.

10 Star FLIP_FLOP house

The Bull Street Terraces

A rating of around 9 Stars means that the dwellings will need minimal heating (on only the coldest days) and should not require cooling at all. The design of the buildings includes elements and strategies not picked up in the First Rate 5 software which will positively impact their performance.

For instance……

VIPAC Consulting Engineers will monitor energy requirements of one of the terrace houses over a year of habitation to assess the accuracy of the First Rate 5 rating tool at the high levels obtained by these buildings. This information will be analysed to improve design of future buildings