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Gas or Electric?

The first decision is Gas or Electric? Gas has long been argued to be greener, since it was initally a side product of oil mining. It used to be burnt off on-site and not used at all so at first it was a great use of an otherwise wasted pollutant. Now, with an increase in the demand for gas, new deposits are being tapped. The greenhouse-gas footprint of shale gas over a 20-year period is at least 20 percent higher than that of coal and “perhaps more than twice as great,” they say in a study published online in the journal Climatic Change. The culprit is the leakage of methane, the main component of natural gas (ref: technologyreview.com Just How Green Is Natural Gas? By Tyler Hamilton on April 15, 2011)

Basically it is NOT POSSIBLE to get gas without mining, and it IS POSSIBLE to get electricity as now we have the option of Green Power from solar or wind. With photovoltaic panels fitted to each unit this is the choice of power we have made for the appliances.

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We will use products that have been designed to be as efficient as possible. Products that are stylish, well made (preferably locally), with serviceable parts so the products can be fixed and maintained rather than totally replaced and will have a long, productive life.

That the whole life cycle is considered, as will the companies’ ethics and procedures in the manufacture of their products. We take into account the efficiency of the product during its working life, and at the end of its life – can it be recycled, what are its waste products?

Fisher & Pykel

New Zealand company with a very clear environmental policy from cradle to grave.