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Materials put to good use

Here is where some of the materials from the back of the existing house ended up. Jim built this for a client in Castlemaine, the strip hard wood was the lathe from the old house as was the side corrugated iron.

From hardwood studs to kitchen doors

Mark Anstey has built joinery from the bits and pieces he scavenged from our site.

Trailer is packed

The trailer is packed with materials going to Lot 19 to clad sheds and make kitchen cupboard doors for a project Mark Anstey is working on.

Bull Street Castlemaine trailor packed


Stuff that came out of the rear lean to of the existing house, kitchen cupboards ended up in a kitchen over the road.

Bull Street Terraces Castlemaine Recycling Cupboards

Careful demolition

Jim pulled the back apart and sorted all the materials and fittings for recycling.

The rear of the existing house is carefully pulled apart for recycling of fittings and materials