Castlemaine – a great location

Bull Street

Within minutes, by foot, you can reach the beautiful botanical gardens, schools, daycare centres, the railway station, medical suites, the famous Theatre Royal, and a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants.



The Town of Castlemaine


Pillage of the natural environment and subsequent rejuvenation is a story of Castlemaine. The gold rush stripped the land and created a town and a state.

Over the succeeding century the land struggled back. The hills around the township today are unrecognizable viewed against the black & white images of those same hills in the 1880’s.


Sustainability and community involvement have long been major strengths of Castlemaine.

It is a working town with a growing committed population that almost daily brings in more skills and talents.

Castlemaine is ideally positioned both in the present and historically to be able to lead the way to a new paradigm. In 1851 the Monster Meeting of Diggers in Castlemaine predated and informed the uprising at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat three years later. The towns heritage is rich in instigating change.