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The party walls between the terrace houses are constructed from rammed earth. The earth for the walls is sourced from Guildford, a small town close to Castlemaine (10km).

Rammed Earth by David Suzuki

Internal partition walls are framed with Timberlink framing pine (ref: Timber section in Materials for justification) and faced with plasterboard. Plasterboard is 100% recyclable and is faced with recycled paper. (Plasterboard recyclers will supply a bin to the construction site and remove the waste for recycling into new board)

Wet areas lined with Modak Board (Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride). Modak board is 100% recyclable. modakboard.com.au/environment

Modakboard Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 307
Pyrmont, Sydney NSW 2009
Phone: 1300 795 774
Fax: 1300 795 379


Interesting Products

ECOgypsm  Will recycle plasterboard. 1 Bunting Rd, Brooklyn VIC 3012 (03) 9314 8300

For information on Gypsum manufacture (plasterboard) 

A locally produced, very low embodied energy, responsibly sourced product for internal partition walls is Durra Panels, compressed straw wall panels from Ortech Industries, manufactured in Bendigo (35km). Due to our need to utilise our internal walls for structural bracing we have not used this product, however we recommend investigating it’s use on other projects.

Sales Office – Melbourne
Factory 18, 1-7 Canterbury Road
Braeside, Victoria, Australia 3195
Toll Free: 1800 805 919 (Australia Only)
Phone 03 9580 7766
Manufacturing – Bendigo
91 Allingham Street
Golden Square, Victoria, Australia 3555
P: +61 3 5447 7091